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310 South Ave I

(575) 359-1061

(575) 478-2331

We are open the first three business days of the month

to collect rent . Please call us at (575) 359-1061 other

day’s if you want to look at house’s/apartments

November 25, 2014


No exceptions made

We choose not to participate in the
Section 8/Hud Program

List of vacancy on front door




310 S. Ave. I.  Apt. C

$475.00 all bills paid

Available Dec. 16, 2014



310 S. Ave. I  Apt E

$225.00 Water Paid

Small trailer



One Bedroom


728 N. Ave. Q.  Apt. B

West side of duplex

$450.00 Water Paid

Available on Dec. 15, 2014



608 S. Ave. E





Three Bedroom


1109 West 14th Lane

2 bathrooms, washer and dryer hookups




Our leases run on a semester basis, coinciding with Eastern New Mexico University for the convenience of the university students. The majority of our tenants are students, but anyone will be welcomed as a tenant.

Cannon Air Force Base is only 12 miles away from the majority of our rental units. If you are in the Air Force and would like to live in a friendly smaller town, Portales is a great choice.

Studio Apartments rent for:

$225.00 - $450.00

One Bedroom Apartments/Houses rent for:

$400.00 - $450.00

Two Bedroom Apartments/Houses rent for:

$450.00 - $650.00

Three Bedroom House rent for:

$650.00 - $700.00



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